Introducing Self Help Online Marketing Guide For Small and Medium Businesses

Online marketing is important for all businesses regardless of their size or serving area. It’s equally important for a local restaurant, BnB, boutique, or any professionals like doctor, dentist or lawyer. However, not every business has a budget to invest in the digital promotion of their business over the internet. Therefore, even after knowing the importance of digital marketing several businesses are not able to leverage the enormous benefits of digital marketing.


This is where DigiTout as an agency decided to be of help and came up with the idea to create a self-help online guide for small and medium businesses. The idea is to focus on the necessities of a business to enhanced requirements in digital marketing which affects sales, revenue, profits and scalability. In the series, we are going to address the following segments.

Small Business Assessment


This segment will focus on the most initial activities which are crucial; for example, analysis of a business for online promotion, identifying competition, understanding buyers behaviour, putting a strategy in place and defining the activities to adopt for the promotion of any online business.

Addressing Immediate Priorities

There are a few basic but immediate priorities of a business if they want to start promoting their business online. For example
1. Listing of a business on Google My Business or Bing Local
2. Setting up social media profiles
3. Optimizing social profiles and Google My Business Page

The Need for A Website

Usually, small business owners ask this question very frequently. Why do I need a website for my business? Or is a website necessary for me, since I’m not selling anything online?


Do i need website-for-business

Well, the website is not mandatory for a small business who wants to promote them online. A Google My Business page or a Facebook or other relevant social media profile (on Yelp, Zomato, Tripadvisor) is enough. The topic will be discussed in detail for several business segments.

Small Business Website Design

The requirements of every business are different and their website should be different. A standard template design might look very good, but it might not be appropriate for all. So, this segment will focus on the basic and advanced design priorities in this mobile-friendly world. It’ll also provide an idea to business owners about how to deal with web design agencies and how to get the most of their money invested in the website.

This list of segments will be revised and appended frequently. Please share your feedback with us in comments or via email to [email protected]. If you want us to address any marketing problem you are facing in your business. Do let us know; we’d be happy to help.