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Search marketing is the road to make your website and offerings visible before your online audience. Having a website is not enough to pull traffic. It calls for a higher rank on the search engine so that your platform is one among the first things your audience sees while searching for your product/service over the web. Search Marketing is largely comprised of two main techniques- Search Engine Optimization and Pay Per Click Marketing.

At DigiTout, we are experts in both SEM & PPC services to ensure a holistic SEM service for your website. Whether your site needs only PPC or just SEO or a winning combo of both- we are game for everything. Count on us as your most trusted partner when you are looking forward to stand tall over search engines.

Here is why it’s always a smart idea to choose DigiTout for SEM services-

Professional organic SEO

We promise you professional organic SEO with the most relevant keyword and content for your website. We will also help with back link building. We keep ourselves updated about the latest search engine algorithms to ensure the most pertinent SEO content just as per the latest market demands.

Highly targeted Local SEO

Local SEO is one of the major aspects of our SEM services. We will boost up your content with the right keywords relevant to searches made by local audience to ensure wider visibility for your site before the local niche. We also provide assistance with local map integration with your site.

Expert Social Media Marketing

No SEM campaign today is complete without a solid presence in the social media. We have mastered the art of Social Media Marketing and we assure you a high ROI-driven SMM campaign for your business. From posting contents regularly to hosting contests on your name to tackling customer complaints on the social platform to analyzing traffic to your social media profile- we will help you with everything.

Thorough research

We know every business comes with its unique marketing needs. In that light, we follow an in-depth research on our client’s business, its industry and target niche. We also study his competitors to check what’s working and what’s not for them. It helps us to steer clear of the loopholes in your SEM campaign that plague your contenders.

Our team conducts an extensive research both for our organic SEO and PPC campaigns.

Value-driven PPC services

We have been doing PPC for quite some time now and hence you have a team of experts to help your business here. We promise you value-driven Pay Per Click advertising campaign that will be designed to make the best of your advertising budget. As we always follow a thorough research on our client’s business, it helps us to find out the most relevant keywords for the PPC ads.

Contextual advertising

You can expect much result from you PPC ads if you can’t place them in the right places from where they are more likely to be seen by your audience. Thus, we always focus on contextual advertising for your ads to facilitate their exposure before the needed niche online.

Professional auditing of search campaign

We regularly carry auditing on clients’ search campaigns to get a realistic view of the performance of these campaigns. It helps us to locate the challenges of your strategies and also the strong points. The knowledge further enables us to revamp the campaigns as per the actual needs.

We mean business

DigiTout is all about supporting the clients with tangible business results. We focus and work on all the major parameters that define the success of your marketing campaign over search engines. Our services are geared to help your business with increasing leads, escalating revenue, high revenue and best value for your money.