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It’s a “social” world today where social networking is not limited to mere casual communications among teens and young adults. In fact, social media is an integral part of the daily life in this contemporary digital age. It presents excellent opportunities for businesses to advertise themselves and gain wide exposure before a worldwide audience over social networking sites. But with almost every business vying in to make its mark on social media- the competition is sky-high. It calls for a reliable SMM expert by your side who will help you to beat the competition and create your stand on the social media.

Count on DigiTout as your dedicated social media marketing & management partner who will help you to establish your presence on social media. From Facebook to Google Plus to Twitter to Instagram to YouTube to LinkedIn- we will work to scale up your brand on all the major social networking sites. We are committed to leveraging your brand on social media through strong audience engagement and improved brand loyalty.

Let’s have a look on why DigiTout is your one-stop partner for SMM campaigns-

Value-driven campaign to garner UGC content

We are focused on supporting our clients with a solid value-driven Social Media Marketing campaign that will encourage more UGC (User Generated Content) responses. We understand you are looking forward to utilize social media as a robust platform to entice traffic to your website. Thus, we work to craft a high ROI-centered SMM plan for you that will ensure a pulling presence for your brand on all the top social networking sites.

We mostly focus on organic tactics (following, hashtags, contests etc.) to boost your brand’s stand on social media naturally.

Professionally drafted content for SMM campaign

We are armed with professional content writers who are well articulated in the creation of catchy contents for social media pages. From thought-provoking posts to cool contests to attractive multimedia contents- we know what it takes to engage your visitors and inspire them to know more about you.

Relevant content & campaign as per your specific demographics

We proceed each SMM campaign with a thorough research on the client’s demographics, industry and business theme. It helps us to garner a solid idea on the most relevant content structure and campaign model for his SMM endeavors. We know a brand working with kiddo products will always have a different social media content design compared to that of an educational institute. And, we work accordingly to ensure the best results for your specific brand.

Dedicated social media manager

We always assign a committed SMM manager for each of our clients. This is to ensure they get the desired personalized attention for their specific campaigns. Our SMM managers have been working on SMM campaigns for quite some time and they know all the ins and outs of a prospective social media marketing plan.

Regular social media marketing management

Your daily business operations hardly spare you the needed extended time to manage and monitor your SMM campaign on a daily basis. Thus, we take care of all the monitoring activities to assure your campaign is on the right track. Your DigiTout manager will take care of all the social media activities for your brand regularly- such as tweets, messages, comments, reviews, complaints etc. We also promise to respond in just 24 hours in case there is a problem either on your part or on part of a potential lead on social media.

Monthly reports on campaign performance

We will provide you with detailed reports on the performance of your SMM campaign every month. It will help both of us to check what’s working and what’s not with the campaign. It will also help us to find out the corrective steps to minimize the loopholes of your campaign.